BOSS to replace Microsoft Windows


BOSS to replace Microsoft Windows The Indian Government is set to launch its very own make in India Bharat Operating System Solutions (BOSS) Operating System (OS). This OS will replace Microsoft Windows in all Government offices. The purpose of launching its own OS is to make government computers hack proof, This OS is the answer … Read more



WHATSAPP UPDATE FOR ANDROID!!!!!!!!!!!!  WhatsApp Android app version 2.12.241 make chats more personal with custom notifications. They are  Custom Notification Pop-up Notification Mark as unread Mute Chat Low Data Usage Network Usage You may be thinking, what would you do by knowing all these things?  Here is the answer to the Question which is now … Read more



2015 BEST ANDROID APPS We have listed top 10 apps: Swype Keyboard:- URL: App Category: Productivity Price: 59p Description: A faster keyboard for those who want to type on their Android phone or tablet. Details: For those who often find themselves typing on their phone or tablet, whether that’s sending lengthy emails or writing entire documents while on the … Read more



WANT FACEBOOK AND 24 OTHER SITES FREE Hello friends want to use Facebook and 24 other sites for free. You may be thinking how? Ill tell you how that is possible. Facebook has unveiled its first drone, which aims to provide internet access to remote areas across the US and other 100 countries across the … Read more


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WINDOWS 10 HOME V/S WINDOWS 10 PRO Hello friends here is an article from which you will come to know what to choose, windows 10 Home or windows 10 pro.  Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 later this month. It’s not long since the company revealed different editions of its upcoming operating system. It is now prepping for the launch … Read more

How to get drivers for Windows 10?


How to get drivers for Windows 10? Got Windows 10? Worried about upgrading? Here we will explain you how to get drivers for Windows 10 and which existing drivers will work. Since it’s free, plenty of people will be upgrading to Windows 10 as soon as it’s released. But we’ve been asked by many about drivers: they’re … Read more

Will games work on windows 10?


Will games work on windows 10?   With the Windows 10 release date slowly creeping up on us, gamers have one question “Will my games run on Windows 10?”. We’re going to answer that question for you, and also tell you how to check whether your games/apps are compatible with Windows 10. With the Windows … Read more

Windows 10 vs Mac

Windows 10 vs Mac

Windows 10 vs Mac Natural input Macs allow only for traditional input methods. Use Windows naturally with built-in touch support, as well as pen or keyboard and mouse. Consistent experience Every Mac is going to offer an isolated experience customized for that one device. Log in to any Windows device and your personalized Start screen, … Read more

Top 10 Features in Office 2016 for Mac

MS Office 2016

Top 10 Features in Office 2016 for Mac If you save your Office documents in the cloud, a list of recently used files is available in the new Office for Mac. This helps you immediately pick up right where you left off. Pin the documents you use frequently, and they will stay in the special … Read more

Windows 10 built in apps

Built in apps in Windows 10

  Windows 10 built in apps:   Microsoft has some wonderful first-party apps for Windows 10 that are built-in. That means everyone will have them installed on their machines the first time they boot up. These built-in apps aren’t just free, but are incredibly useful and powerful for most users. We’ll be going into each … Read more